Although our bows aren´t same, because they are handmaded. We undestand that every archer want their weapon to be unique and custom builded exactly by his requirements. 

There is the list od possible adding, changing and customization on basic setting, wich can be founded on technical sheets.

Surcharges of bow customizations

Prices with VAT.

Bow poundages:

Bow pondage over 60 lbs/28“55,- €
Bow poundage over 100 lbs/28“ (maximum 200 lbs)75,- €
Achieve the required poundage on different draw lenght than 28´´51,- €
Common guarantee of bow poundage: customer request +/- 1 lbs/28“included
Common guarantee of bow poundage: customer request +/- 0,5 lbs/28“26,- €

Handle materials:

Unless it is part of the standard.

Group I.

Padouk |Ovangkol | Zebrano - small grip18,- €
Padouk | Ovangkol | Zebrano - medium grip30,- €
Padouk | Ovangkol | Zebrano - medium grip39,- €

Group II.

Wengé ( I )26,- € (small grip) / 39,- € (medium grip) 51,- € (big grip)
Bubinga ( II )On request.
AmarantOn request

Group III.

Rosewood sanrtosOn request
MakassarOn request.
EbenOn request.
Handle design on requestBased on used wood. On request.

Group IV.

Heavy material GRANIT small grip137,- €
Heavy material GRANIT medium grip224,-€
Heavy material GRANIT big grip388,-€
Big grip with wood+ 40,- €
Big grip with wedge+ 35,- €

Further upgrades:

Shape modification of the shooting window on request (II)27,- €
Shape modification of the handle on request (III)31,- €
Wedge on the handle on request (V)35,- €

Leather wrapping of the grip:

Tangled leather triplestrand ( I )10,- €
Tangled leather triple strand brown/light brown/ red ( III )14,- €
Ratan ( IV )35,- €
Ostrich ( V )On request.
Stingray ( VI )On request.

Arrowrest wedge:

Small leather wedge (one side) ( I )8,- €
Wooden wedge ( II )14,- €
Bone wedge ( III )22,- €
Horn wedge ( IV )27,- €

Abrasion resistence pad:

Bone16,- €

Limb materials:

Unless it is part of the standard.



Surface finish:

Varnishing to the high gloss ( I )20,- €